Scale is Relative

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scale is relative

“The project was quite small, we only worked with 75 women.”

Small. Perhaps small to the person I was talking with, but not to someone used to working with 10 people. But tiny is comparison to how many people use Amazon or Facebook each day. But even the FAANGs as Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google are called. Even the FAANGs interact with less than 50% of the population on the planet.

Scale is important to consider, but too often we fixate on it. Idolise it. Seek it at all cost. Scale is relative. It’s important remember that. Focus on the people you seek to serve rather than scale. When you overdeliver to your customers, they will tell others.

And no, we don’t need more FAANGs in the world. What we do need is more companies, organisations, community groups, small businesses who are deeply about their customers. All 3, 17, 75, 978, or 20,000 of them.

Scale is relative. Delight is rare.

Photo by Danielle MacInnes


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