Thinking Long and Short

by | Mar 21, 2021 | Change

cyclical change

Growing up we thought about Christmas in the springtime. Nothing to do with presents, we had to place our order of cuttings which we’d grow into poinsettia plants. It is part of the life of every farmer – food, animal, or plant farmer. Thinking in cycles, but thinking far ahead at the same time as thinking about what to do today.

Change makers can relate to this. There is a cyclical nature to change, patterns you can recognise. And because of the patterns and cycles, a change maker needs to think far into the future and in the here and now. There are things we need to do today so that at “Christmas time” there will be a plant ready. But also, sometimes our actions of today (like buying soil) are only to prepare the next step (ability to plant rooted cuttings).

So in your desire for change – what do you need to do for today and for the future?

Photo by Jonathan Diemel


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