Taking a Tree Approach

by | Mar 30, 2021 | ICT4D |

We don’t plant trees to enjoy today. Most trees are slow growing and are enjoyed by our children and the generations that come after us more than ourselves. And not just people, trees benefits thousands of insects, birds, and are beneficial for water and soil management and so on. Of course you can transplant large trees that are already large, but that comes with a cost many of us can’t afford. And so we plant. And we do enjoy the trees we plant a little, but if they are fruit trees we often need to wait a few years before they produce fruit.

What would our choices look like if we thought of digital transformation this way? Planted today, but for future generations – some we will never meet. Would our questions be different? Or would it lead to paralysis and fear of action?

However, not everything needs to be instantaneous. Fast growth at all costs is destructive. Trees build ecosystems for the future, so can we.

Photo by veeterzy


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