Failed Ideas

by | Apr 4, 2021 | Change, Learning |

failed ideas

Recently I was moving some boxes with my son. “Dad, these are a box of your books.” Yes, I thought, another failed idea of mine. However, then I also remembered a recent quote I’ve seen. “You need to be prepared to suck at something in order to learn something new.” So, yes it was a failed idea in one sense, but a step on the way to learning.

Our lives our full of these stories and steps. However, somewhere along the way we cease to see it as learning and start calling them failures and wrapping them in shame.

What would happen if we didn’t?

Photo by Nick Fewings

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  1. Jacek

    Hi Amos, how we decide to look at the past will determine how we will feel about it. For me, the past is like a vault full of experiences, ready to offer me one when I need it, and I am willing to open it and search for a while. There are some good and some bad, some that lead to success and some that lead to failure… all are valuable to me and available if I will take time to open the vault and search for a while…


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