Spring, Frost, and Change

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Change

spring, frost, change

Here in the UK, spring has sprung. The snowdrops are long gone and. the daffodils are on their way out. Our magnolia tree at the edge of our patio is full of flower. And while we delight in it all, we are also watching the weather with precision. As we shift from winter to full spring the weather acts like a yo-yo. Last week the kids were in shorts as we were hitting 20 degrees with lows of above 10. Today, we have a chance of snow and have had heavy frosts.

Therefore, we are out in the evenings putting large pieces of fleece over some of our plants to help protect them from the frost. Sometimes it feels silly, but it does allow us the chance of enjoying the flowers a little longer. And with some plants, like fruit trees and bushes, protecting the flowers from frost results in a harvest.

The change process is full of sunshine, flowers, and frost. And one of the jobs of change makers is to look ‘silly’ protecting the flowers from the frost in transition times. But here’s the thing, some flowers need protection, while others don’t. Knowing which is which is the expertise we need to develop.

Photo by Marina Grynykha


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