What would it look like for humanitarian operations to be carbon-neutral?

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carbon neutral

What would it take?

Could we achieve this by 2030? 2025?

Would we use electric vehicles or rethink transportation entirely?

I would imagine no office would be powered by diesel generators anymore.

Maybe our whole operating model would change and look completely different than it does today. Perhaps we’d switch to complete local procurement and drive local manufacturing. Perhaps we’d lead the opening of product design specifications so local 3-D printing could more easily repair faulty parts.

Would we fly less?

Would we plant more trees? Invest in sustainable and local agriculture?

Would we use more technology or less? Would we focus more on building the capacity of local organisations more or less?

I don’t know. Probably a good place to start would be understanding our specific ecological footprint. Knowing our baseline contribution to atmospheric cancer more commonly know as a climate change would allow us to measure progress.

Again, I don’t know how we’d do it or even our baseline. But I do know it is possible and our children (current and future) would thank us.

Maybe this is our moonshot. Maybe it is our turn.

(It’s always our turn).

Photo by Will Shirley


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