Attention, Acceptance, and Power

by | Apr 16, 2021 | Change, Identity |


Attention and power tend to be innate human needs. We want to be seen and we want a sense of agency. This applies to our person and to our work. We probably can add a third – acceptance. Acceptance, not in the sense of always getting our way, but acceptance as being a valued member of a group or community.

If this is true perhaps we need to ask what this means for leaders and managers. But also, what this means in how we relate to the people we seek to serve. Especially when we work with vulnerable groups. Too often we strip them of attention, acceptance, and power in favour of our organisational machinery. They are number, not our equal, and a person incapable of making a decision.

Sit with this for a while. We all can improve.

Photo by Jon Tyson


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