Fear and Imagination

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That wasn’t as bad as I thought. It doesn’t matter what the ‘that’ is referring to. We all have said or thought this before. Daily we prove Seneca to be correct.

We suffer more often in imagination than in reality

Seneca the younger

Fear is often worse imagined than lived.

Some may say it is related to how we evolved. Some call it the lizard brain, the amygdala. The part of our brain that does the primary processing, the part that protects us. Fear thrives there. Fear feeds our imagination and we see monsters, ghosts, and imagines people rejecting us.

And then we do it anyway and find Seneca to be true again.

So what are you imagining that you need to do anyway? What do you fear? Can you mitigate or prevent the potential negative? Or if your imagination proves true, how can you prepare to fix the damage?

And now over to you. Do the work. Find out if Seneca was true.

It’s your turn.

Photo by Melanie Wasser


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