Complexity’s 4 Ds

by | May 1, 2021 | Change, ICT4D |


When we work in complex organisations working in complex environments on complex issues, templates aren’t going to be the answer. Templates can help frame discussions. They can act as a but of a guide. They can even give us a head start. But it’s never going to be ‘pull it off the shelf, sign it, job done.’

Working on complex issues, is just that, work. And it is work best done with diverse voices inputting into discussions. But it is not just discussions either, it’s taking action, doing things, while ensuring we are learning as we are doing.

Discussions, debates, and doing in diverse groups. You may not go fast at first, but as you build trust you’ll speed up and will go far.

Perhaps when working in complexity, intentional slow growth is crucial.

Photo by Linh Ha


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