What we see is influenced by what was

by | May 12, 2021 | Change |

We’re well into the destruction phase around our property. Buildings are being taken down transforming the views as well as the look and feel of the property. It’s all part of the process of bringing life back to a derelict place, but it’s not pretty. However, one of the biggest insights is how structures frame a place. It is often hard to imagine them gone. And even when they do go, it is easy to fall into the trap of being influenced by their ‘ghosts’. I find myself seeing the space we have as if buildings or structures were still present rather than starting afresh. I am influenced by the past.

And so it goes with organisations too. Our business processes are structures we have built. So too is our information architecture. And often they were built for good reason and to fulfil a purpose. But sometimes the purpose is no longer relevant and so we can change the process. However, it is very tempting to create a new process which is heavily influenced by what was before. Sometimes this is ok as we are building on what came before, but often it is our lack of imagination or courage to create what is needed now and in the future.

And one more insight is building (physical structures, business processes, digital transformation) what you need today is certain to result in headaches in the future. And the future is always when the thing you build for today will be completed. Take the long view and bring a diverse group of people together when you are designing. It is far easier and cheaper to throw out paper designs than it is to structures or processes implemented.


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