You could, but you don’t

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you can, but you don't

When you move house, you don’t send everything to your new house or flat through the post. You could, but you don’t. It’s too costly and inefficient. So you hire a moving company or your family and friends instead. The reserve is also true. You don’t hire a moving company to send a letter to your friend in Vancouver or Kilifi. You could, but you don’t. t’s too costly and inefficient.

The post office and the moving company both have systems set up which are focused on a specific need. They are both in the ‘moving’ or ‘logistics’ business, but have focused on a specific part of it. The focus results in choices being made and systems created. The focus enables certain efficiencies.

We do this, not that. This choice also allows others to know who you are. And even allows ourselves to know who we are. Trying to be everything or even a few things to everyone doesn’t work.

Choose to a focus area or a small target group. Start small. Build from there. Expand, but only if you need to.

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