Play it again sam

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Play it again sam

Sometimes it’s time to stop. Sometimes it’s time to try again. Knowing the difference is an art. Learning a new skill or way of living is like reading the investment charts. Buy in the dip and hold while it rises.

But is it just a dip or a slow (or fast) decline?

Most of us give up too easy. Learning a new skill or way of living is hard work. It requires practice. But most of all, it requires humility. Not the false kind, but rather the kind that is willing to suck at something first. To fail. To look silly. To make mistakes. Getting through the dip, to the other side requires perseverance and practice.

Getting better almost never happens on your own. We need the others. The cheerleaders, the coaches, the colleagues. But also the competitors, the challengers, the critics. Without them, we are just going for a walk in the park. Alone.

So try again. Play it again sam. And while your practicing, find the others.

You’ll be glad you did.

Photo by William Moreland


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