Wavy Lined Change

by | Jun 12, 2021 | Change

wavy line

Our vegetable garden is nothing like last year. We’ve put in new beds and fences and there is rhubarb and flowers. However, beyond that things are a wee bit bare. The corn and beans have not come up well. And we were generously given lovely cabbage by friends, but sadly a rabbit got it and made short work of it. There is more coming in the greenhouse, so in a month or two the beds will be full.

But it is all different than last year and than what was planned. There are a whole host of reasons for this – time, focus on building work, juggling work, school, lockdowns, and being parents.

Change is like that often. We have plans, dreams even on how it will go. Almost always those plans and dreams are rosy. And often they need to be to help start us off on the path of change. Our view of change is usually that it will be a straight line to the new reality. However, all change may bring us to a new reality it is much more of a wavy line with peaks and valleys.

So if today, you are in a valley keep going as a peak will be coming. And if you are in a peak, enjoy it but keep going and prepare for the upcoming valley.

Photo by Cris DiNoto


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