Making Memories

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making memories

I roll over, my hips aching, and pry my glued eyes glued opened. Birdsong cheering me on the whole time and tent awash with light. There beside me is my boy, my son lying perpendicular and half off the sleeping mat and his pillow at the other end of the tent. He is asleep, at peace, and happy. And I, in pain, look at my watch to discover it is only 4:30am.

Making memories is not always glamourous. It tends to come with some aches and annoyances. But making positive memories with children, friends, our loved ones is worth the aches and pains of things like camping. Just because something isn’t comfortable for us in the moment doesn’t mean it can’t have a long lasting positive impact.

This is true in our work to change teams and organisations. It may be uncomfortable. It may come with aches and pains, but those things do not always indicate that the change is a negative thing. Making memories is part of change, part of leading teams and organisations.

The hard part to remember is that we don’t get to choose what people remember. I don’t know if my son will remember this trip. I do hope that it is a thread of a story of having adventures with his Dad and that his Dad is full of love and pride for him.

And perhaps that is all we can do as change makers. Create change in a way that weaves a thread of care and compassion for those we work with and those we seek to serve.

The choice is up to us.

Photo by Peter Vanosdall


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