Paralysing Overwhelm

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paralysing overwhelm

‘There is so much do, I don’t know where to start.’

One response to this is to start anywhere. Getting started is the important thing as it reduces the overwhelm from setting in.

Another response is to meticulously write out everything that needs doing. Group it. Order it. Schedule it. Spreadsheet it. And then start at the beginning, not diverging from the plan.

Still another response is to do a quick mental scan of the ‘jobs’ needing doing. Determine if there are any dependent on another job being done first or if any need to be done by a certain time. Then start with the ones which have a time dependency and have other jobs dependent on them.

None of the above options are the correct choice all the time. All three of them have pros and cons. But all of them can help fight the paralysing overwhelm.

The choice is up to us.

Photo by Christian Erfurt


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