Who do you hang out with?

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who do you hang out with?

‘You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.’ Or so the saying goes. Some say 5, some 10, some 7. The number is not so important, but if you consider who you spend the most time with and then look at your ideas, inspirations, and passion. Do you see links? It’s likely you do and that they have changed over the years if the people have.

Therefore one of the most powerful (and usually free) actions available to us, is to consider who we hang out with. Happy, fun loving people tend to hang out with similar people. So do depressed people. Doers hang out with doers. Entrepreneurs with entrepreneurs. And so on.

As a change maker, you likely hang out with some other change makers. And one of things we all can do to influence change is create spaces in organisations and society where change makers can meet each other. We can convene the space and encourage people to connect. Call it convening, finding the others, creating communities, or whatever you wish. It might just be the single most important and effective thing we can do with our time.

The choice is up to us.

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