A Dog, His Blanket, and Change

by | Jul 14, 2021 | Change

dog blanket

Our dog stands on his blanket, grabs the edge in his mouth, and attempts to pull it out the door. His own weight makes it impossible to move. He jumps around, even growls a little. As he jumps the blanket moves and he is excited again. Grabbing the edge again, he makes a tiny bit of progress because when he jumped, he landed partially off the blanket. The tugging, tail wagging, and general hilarity ensues. As I write the blanket is half out the door and he is on the patio just staring at it.

How often are we, like our dog, holding the change back that we seek? How often are we trying to influence and make change but coming at it from the wrong place? And if we stand far enough back, would general hilarity also ensue?

Photo by Oliver


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