A 1,000 Days of Writing

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Projects |

writing streak

This is my 1,000th post in a row. The 1,000th day I have written to clarify some idea, thought, niggle. Some post have resonated with others, some have not. Many days writing is hard and comes in fits and starts, while other days it feels like I could write for hours.

When I started, I never dreamed of getting to a thousand days in ago. It was mid October and I was hoping for month, Christmas if I was very lucky. And now, it’s over 2.5 years later. Through the daily habit, not only have clarified my own thinking and ideas, I’ve somehow given myself permission to try other things. Podcasting was experimented with, so was creating tools, templates, and videos. And I even published a book.

I click publish everyday as a form of accountability. Clicking publish means I have wrestled with a thought, spent time with it, and tried to make sense of it again. By sharing it, I hope it helps you, the reader. That it gives you a new perspective or insight that helps you with your own ideas and niggles. Without a doubt my best moments over the past 1,000 days have been when you comment about something I’ve shared to me – publicly or privately. Or when I learn you have shared the post with someone else.

So thank you for reading, for listening, for sharing. I’d encourage you to write, it clarifies your thoughts like nothing else. Tomorrow the next 1,000 begins.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters


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