A recipe for frustration and depression

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Assertions, opinions, viewpoints often get a bad rap. He’s so opinionated is not said with positive overtones. Perhaps often because is reacting not to the opinion but to the manner in which the opinions are shared. Combining arrogance to opinions and assertions is rarely positive.

But assertions and opinions almost always are positive. They help us move forward. Decide what next step to take. We’ve all been in situations, socially or at work, where no one has an opinion and everyone is frustrated. Where shall we eat? Everyone looks at their feet. The same happens in meetings – shall we do this or that or that? Everyone shuffles their notes. We say we are being polite. We say we are ok with anything. And we criticise the decision later or are grumpy because we secretly wanted something else and don’t understand why others did read my mind.

Having assertions, opinion, viewpoints, and perspectives is one of things that make us human.

Sharing our assertions, opinion, viewpoints, and perspectives is critically necessary. And often lacking. We don’t need to be arrogant, we can be generous and gracious. It is not a competition. It is rather about learning, about seeing in a new way. And just because we have and share opinions does not mean we can’t listen to others and change our opinions.

But here’s the thing, if we don’t share our opinions we won’t influence change. And that’s a recipe for frustration and depression.

The choice is up to us.

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