Floating Rocks and Perspective

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Change |

My cousin recently shared the above photo. At first, I thought it was one heck of a photoshop, but she kept insisting it was real, not edited at all. I didn’t believe her. Then she whispered, ‘Turn it upside down.’

‘Oh wow! That’s amazing.’

Go ahead, do it yourself, I’ll wait.

Perspective changes everything. And one of the weird things is that I still look at the photo and find it difficult to make sense of different parts to it. Even though I have seen the other perspective I still need to turn my laptop upside down to make sense of it all.

Perspective. Empathy. Seeing the world through another’s eyes, another’s experiences. These are critical skills for the change maker. But they are also critical skills for the change maker to pass along to those she is trying to influence. And yes, it will most certainly take more than one try.


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