There must be a lot of problems at your job

by | Jul 29, 2021 | Change |

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When someone says ‘I love my job, I’m learning so much’, we don’t respond with ‘there must be a lot of problems at your job.’ And yet, life is about problem solving. Not in a negative way, but problems lends themselves to growth and learning. They may not be problems for others, but just for you.

And yet we don’t like the word ‘problem’ as it has too many negative connotations. We prefer ‘challenges’ or ‘opportunities’ or ‘learning’ or ‘change’. All bring with them different connotations and perspectives.

Change is never ‘done’. It doesn’t fit well with a fixed mindset because we never really ‘arrive’. We definitely change and definitely make progress. However, arrival is bit of an imaginative exercise. This is partly because as we change we see new possibilities, new challenges. And this is because change is about learning, about growing, about becoming.

So perhaps the next time you run into a ‘problem’, what happens if you remind yourself you are learning, growing, changing. What if when you are working with a team to define the problem you are seeking to solve, you ask ‘what are we trying to learn?’ Does that give you a different perspective? New insight?

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