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Why do recruiters talk about ‘serving’ when recruiting for a charity job but not for other jobs? It can be a very loaded term. Perhaps even a bit emotional manipulation. Is working for an organisation labelled a charity somehow better than working for something else? Or because we are deemed to be ‘serving’ does it mean we should be paid less or not at all?

Is building a house for a young family, a retired couple in your community more or less serving if you doing it with a charity than if you are doing it for them? When landscapers or gardeners create beautiful spaces for others is that serving or not? Am I ‘serving’ when I am an accountant for a charity but not serving when I do the books for a company?

Words are powerful. They conjure up emotions and stories within us. Words also build and maintain culture. Paying attention to the words people use provides insight into the culture we are engaging.

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