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by | Aug 6, 2021 | ICT4D |


Apple is in the news again today. This time they created the ability to scan the photos you upload to iCloud for child sex abuse. On the surface this is something to celebrate. And in reality will likely lead to some arrests, which will be beneficial to society.

However, with all technology and especially highly invasive and powerful technology, we need to ask questions. What happens if this technology falls into the hands of ‘bad actors’? How do we limit the application of this powerful technology to searching for child abuse photos?

As the saying going, ‘power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely’. This is true of technology as well. While I am all in favour of using technology to help fight abuse and violence, we need to talk about the governance of the technology much more than we do.

Our track record of governing powerful technology well is not great. We can do better today.

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