Digital Trust and Belief

by | Aug 9, 2021 | ICT4D |

trust and belief

Trust and belief are the foundation of much of society. Yes, there are laws but most of them are open for ‘interpretation’. Precedence is how they often evolve. I can say many things about who I am, but if you don’t trust and believe me, it doesn’t really matter. If I can get someone or another organisation to say something about me, you still need to trust and believe the other organisation.

Digitally we can ‘prove’ or help us trust that another organisation did issue us a document or did say X about us. So we can ‘prove’ my drivers’ licence is legitimate. However, if you don’t trust the drivers licence issuing authority, my licence is still useless. If you don’t trust and believe the issuing organisation has good processes and practices in place to confirm the information about me and my ability to drive, the licence card is useless.

Fundamentally it still comes back to trust and belief. And these are human things. Not digital. And this is why projects need to spend 80% (at least) of their time and resources of governance, not tech.

Oh and to state the obvious, trust is not a one off. It’s an everyday, ongoing, needing to be earned and shown thing.

The choice is up to us.

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