We all want to be heroes for at least one day

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Change |

heroes for one day

All stories, however short or long, have protagonist and antagonist characters. Sometimes they are human, sometimes not. The protagonist is the main character usually on some sort of journey. While the antagonist is the opposes the main character. Most stories also have a ‘guide’, a character to whom the protagonist turns to for advice at one point or multiple times in her journey.

Change makers can play all three roles depending on the situation we find ourselves in. Knowing what role we are playing in the story we find ourselves in is critical. Not all change happens by protagonists. And when we find ourselves being antagonistic we can still do this in a generous and kind way.

The protagonists are often referred to as the hero of the story. And we all want to be heroes. However, we don’t always need to be the hero. And like all good stories, the hero (protagonist) and the journey they are on are both shaped by and require the antagonist. Without the antagonist, the protagonist would likely stay in bed.

So change maker, what role are you playing today? And how can you embrace it more fully?

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