Prophets and Pills

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prophets and pills

Life is full of perspectives. We all get passionate and upset about different things. We experience life differently because of our past, our current context, and our personalities. And much of this is wonderful. It brings colour to our lives and the ability to learn from each other. Diversity is an amazing gift.

Life is also bias and unjust. Some of the bias and injustice is unintentionally maintained by the privileged and unprivileged alike because ‘this is the way it always has been’. However, often it is maintained or grown by the privileged intentionally.

And then there are the prophets. Prophets are not fortunetellers, no they are those speaking truth to power. Those pointing out the injustices and bias and helping others see it. It is not an easy role in society. Prophets are often misunderstood (at best), shunned and laughed at.

The thing is we need prophets. In our communities, our teams, our organisations. When leaders listen to them, when they seek to see what the prophets are pointing at, their teams or communities begin to thrive.

COVID has brought out some prophets. Prophets questioning why we are vaccinating children in ‘developed’ countries when most of the world still does not have access to the vaccine. Others questioning the terrible data grab happening by questionable organisations under the guise of COVID. And still others asking why has there been such a public outcry about and even ban on some vaccine use due to the potential of blood clots but absolute silence about the potential of blood clots that is 100 times greater in the contraceptive pill.

Life is full of perspectives, but also bias and injustice. We need the prophets. We need to listen to them. And while most prophets I know would never call themselves one, but also can’t help but speak out, I am glad I’ve come to know them. And if you too know prophets, take a moment today to encourage them and tell them they are loved and needed. We all need to be reminded of this.

Thank you Hannah, Sue, Sean, Linda, Mike, Tom for being prophets in your own way.

Photo by Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition


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