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Beside me are different coloured pens. Blue, red, black, orange, pink, and purple. I’m using them to mark up a drawing of a building indicating where we want lights, sockets, switches, and so on. Each colour is used consistently for the same thing making it easier for the electrician to quickly see what is what. My attempt at simple signposting.

Signposting happens all around us. Maps have legends showing us the colour of roads, size of cities, railroad tracks, and so on. Graphs and charts have legends too helping us to interpret them.

So when it comes to the change you seek to bring about, how are you or can you use colours, symbols, legends to help others know where things are or what to do? It’s something small, something simple, but often it’s the small, simple, details that make others feel seen and cared for.

The choice is up to us.

Photo by Capturing the human heart.


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