Emerging Technology (& Coffee?)

by | Sep 12, 2021 | ICT4D, Strategy |

emerging technology

Growing up I occasionally watched the Jetsons cartoon. It was full of flying cars, mobile flip phones, robots, and all kinds of things I had never dreamt of. Human creativity, innovation, and technology moves on and now parts of the Jetsons are everyday life stuff. The same can be said about Star Trek.

Today, the speed at which new technologies and innovations are becoming reality is epic. This list highlights 22 emerging technologies. I particularly like the idea of heating our house with coffee grounds!

Technology will continue to develop and change the way we live and work. No matter what our line of work is. Sometimes the challenge is adoption and mindset, while other times it is the potential for harm. And sometimes we confuse people’s concerns around potential harm with being laggards. However, it’s often those who can ‘see’ the potential harm who understand the technology (and the cultural ecosystem around it) better and more broadly than those who build it.

Now check out the emerging technology list and tell me your favourite.

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