The way things are & what if

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what if

What if cars were never invented?

What if answers lay 1km down the road?

What if we competed over being generous?

What if education was not an assembly line and tests, but a place of exploration and learning?

What if political parties did not have a ‘whip’ and MPs voted as their constituents decided?

What if roads were bike paths?

What if there was a magical button you could press to make change? What would the change be?

What if organisations cared not about their survival first, but cared about their customer or the people the seek to serve first?

What if money was no object?

What if we fixed things rather than throwing them away?

What if we did with less? What if we embraced enough?

What if you forgave yourself?

How would life look then?

‘This is just the way things are’ and ‘what if’ are very different statements. One shuts down, the other opens up. However, the way things are today is because someone asked ‘what if’ in the past. And for many of us, ‘what if’ keeps depression at the door.

So what is your what if?

Photo by Hadija Saidi


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