Creative Ingenuity

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Change |

Clever ingenuity

While my son was making his school lunch, he opened a new bag of wraps. As I passed him the scissors I reminded him to be sure to close the bag to avoid the remaining wraps drying out. 

Later on I noticed he had done just that. Just in a completely different way to what I expected (how I would have done it).  Instead of using clips from the drawer, he’d found some tape that had been left on the table and used that. Different. Not wrong. Clever in fact. And different than me.  I smiled and was proud. 

How often does this happen in our change processes? People do things in an unexpected way. Different. Not wrong. Clever in fact. Just different than you or me.

We have a choice in that moment. Insist on things being done ‘our way’ or praise the ingenuity. 

The choice is up to us. 

Photo by Creative Headline


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