A wheel finds it easier to go downstairs than going up

by | Oct 3, 2021 | Change |

hut wheel

This weekend we moved our shepherd’s hut down the meadow. It was made more challenging due to the recent rain we had softening up the ground. Therefore, we used lots of small boards under the wheels to reduce the amount they sunk into the grass.

Most of the time, we could use a tractor to move the hut so how we put the boards down. However, when we needed to push the hut by hand, it mattered a great deal. If the boards are put on top of the previous one, it is like we are trying to push the hut up stairs. Each step is a hill to climb. However, if we put the next board under the previous one, we are going down the stairs. Sounds like common sense, but easy to forget when you are laying boards in the midst of the rain.

Sometimes when we seek change, we make it harder for ourselves by going upstairs. When we pause, reflect, or step back far enough to see, we can notice that if we make a slight chance to our approach, it will be much easier. A slight change, not a completely new one. Perhaps we need to overlap the boards differently.

It’s often worth a try.

Photo by Jon Toney


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