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Here in the UK we are in autumn. The leaves are beginning to change colour and many trees are dropping their nuts. Each year I am amazed at the amount of nuts each tree produces. Imagine if every one of them produced another tree. And yet they do not. Some go for food for squirrels and other animals, including us humans. Others do not germinate. And others germinate but the environment onto which they fell is not conducive to growth. And then there are others which grow into small trees. Some make it to maturity, but frankly the percentage odds are not great.

Sometimes change feels a bit like this. A scattering of ideas to countless places, most never making it germination or sapling stage. Yet, most of the time the scatter is required to have a tiny percentage find an environment into which they can grow. However, most of the time, we plan as if everything that is scatter will of course reach maturity. And while most of our ideas or plans have the inbuilt possibility of growing to maturity, most of them do not. And yes, we can try to be formulaic about it. We can try to find the most conducive environment for the ideas to take root. But sometimes a good scattering is needed.

Perhaps multiple scatterings.

Photo by Oskar Kadaksoo


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