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Constructing a new building or extending your house happens relatively quickly. Knocking buildings down happens even faster. Creating a beautiful garden is a much slower process and can even take a lifetime. However, changing the wall layout in a building is a difficult and expensive endeavour. Moving plants in a garden can often be done without cost and relatively easily. Even some trees.

Patience is something we don’t talk enough. We toss it around as a virtue or a dream, but most of us dislike it.

Our society conditions us to expect instantaneous results and impact. We often sell products and services this way. Scarcity and FOMO. In digital technologies, this is taken to the next level. Newer. Faster. Now.

And this seeps into our change approaches. Everything must be instantaneous. Innovative. Disruptive. Now. Perhaps patience, alongside of courage, is one of the most underrated characteristics of both people and organisations.

You need both to create beautiful gardens, but also to impactful organisations. It takes time for various plants and trees to grow and as they do gardens evolve. Similarly, not all change is or needs to be drastic. Most of it is slow, creating environments where people can thrive. Patiently encouraging.

Patience is not short on expectation, ambition, or vision. In fact it is overflowing with it. But it is also overflowing with ‘comfortableness in one’s own skin’ and belief in the other.

And boy oh boy do we need more of it.

The choice is up to us.

Photo by Nikolay Maslov


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