Football, Penalty Kicks, and Change

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Change

penalty kicks

I want to get better better at playing football (soccer) is very different than I want to get better at penalty kicks. The first is an overall goal, while the second is much more focused. The second clarifies what you will do when you get to the field. It’s specific, actionable, clear. The broader goal gives some focus – not all sports, just football – but doesn’t give you direction when you get to the field. And yes, even penalty kicks can be see as broad and you could break that down even further.

Often we approach change similar to the first way. I want to improve X or we need to be better at data management. General goals or statements can help us narrow our focus, but we often don’t go far enough. We talk about this year or this month, but not today. If we need to be better at data management, what are we focusing on today to move towards that goal?

So what are you focusing on today?

Photo by Jannes Glas


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