Looking Back

by | Nov 27, 2021 | weekly reflections


There are great people doing amazing things out there. Here are few things I’ve been reading, learning about, and found inspiration this week.


Most of this week, I’ve been reading the brilliant pre-work the Danish Refugee Council published as part of their global event on digitalisation. It is both insightful and challenging as this type of work requires.

I’ve also been slowly reading Personality isn’t Permanent by Dr. Benjamin Hardy which challenges the traditional thinking around personality and gives me hope for the future.


I’ve been learning a lot about compliance in aid sector this week. Most of all I’ve been struck with how influenced we are by the industrial complex and its demand for conformity, one type of efficiency, and its disregard for externalities. I made my first attempt at articulating this in yesterday’s blog post.


One of the most inspiring things I’ve come across this week has been Girl Tok: Feminist Digital Literacy Program for Adolescent Girls – which is a fascinating way to approach digital literacy. One day, I hope to do something amazing like this.

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