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What rules do I have that are getting in the way? The question, or noodle scratcher as Pete calls them, stopped me in my tracks. It stuck with for days niggling away in the back of my head. Some of the rules come from ourselves, our families, our organisations, communities, and culture. Some are new and some are ancient. Most are unspoken, unconscious even. They are like water to fish.

Rules come from a worldview, a perspective on the world. And many in our lives come from an industrial worldview where we view people and societies as machines and factories. Inputs are added and outputs result. And in the industrial mindset, and in factories, compliance to the rules is critical. Clock in, clock out. So we have rules. And compliance to those rules.

However often we forget that people are not machines and that all factories have waste. Waste generated in the factory and waste the product generates during its life and its eventual disposal.

The industrial mindset shrinks our world to narrow parameters. It also tells us ‘this is how the world works’. Perhaps we need to be reminded that the world and our lives can work in different ways. The industrial mindset is not the only choice. Maybe it’s time to check in on the rules we live by and ask where those rules come from, who set them, and do we even agree with them.

So back to Pete’s question – What rules do you have that are getting in the way?

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