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In periods of uncertainty, we tend to look for the simple next step. The checklist or template or person who will give us direction and tell us the next step to take. We seek and crave clarity. When we experience overwhelm, we can seek the same. Rules, templates and the compliance to them can be comforting as they help us ‘get through’. In our overwhelm we often seek ‘what is the minimum we need to do to get by’.

The thing about rules is they are meant to be boundaries and the minimum. They are to give us a ‘safe space’ to be creative within, not a strict recipe to follow. And we often forget this.

Unfortunately many organisations and teams are in a permanent state of overwhelm as we seek to do more and more. And we are frustrated with ourselves about our inability to say no or focus, which compounds the overwhelm. When we start out we rarely start with compliance teams, but we get there over time and find ourselves doing the minimum rather than seeking to have the impact we wanted to do. It’s a vicious cycle and a very difficult one to step off of.

The power of retreats, meditation, coaches is in their ability to help us step back. To create space, freedom, and even expectation to ask questions. To ask where is compliance a helpful lever for change and where is it a hindrance. But also to help reconnect us with purpose. To move us beyond only thinking about growth or ‘living to fight another day’ and remembering why began. Compliance is rarely the goal we set out to achieve. Neither is income.

What do you need to remember today?

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