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At an early age, my Dad introduced me to theatre and I loved it. I was equally fascinated by the stories unfolding on stage as I was with the costumes, sets, and lighting. I would spend hours trying to figure out how ‘they did that’. I loved sitting in the balcony where you could ‘see behind’ or into ‘the sides’ where the magic was being created.

The joy of watching others work continues to this day. Watching master craftspeople fit our new windows, manoeuvre cranes and diggers like they are their bodies, or listening to an inspiring storyteller give a presentation. I find it all fascinating and afterwards you still find me wondering ‘how’d they do that?’ And later on, you find me awkwardly trying to incorporate a small piece of learning into my work.

So it was a joy to be a part of the first cohort of the Unleash Your Inner Leader programme led by Mohammed Ali. It was different, challenging, wonderful and I learned a lot. Mo interviewed me recently about that experience, which you can read about here. And yes, we met online. And in fact, have never met in person. But group coaching programmes change you, they connect you with ‘the others’ and when you find the others, delight explodes.

Check out our discussion and consider the programme.

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