Digital Transformation Parenting

by | Dec 28, 2021 | ICT4D, Learning


Sometimes we approach digital transformation like parenting. Some of us take courses, read books, and develop deep relationships with others on the same journey and with others further along. Others of us ‘wing it’ because we babysat when we were younger, we like kids, and so on. The vast majority of us are closer to the ‘winging it’ end of the spectrum than we care to admit. We’ve read a book or did a prenatal course, but that’s about it.

In the world of digital, most organisations are also closer to the ‘winging it’ end of the spectrum. Most organisations still equate digital to IT. Operations folk like playing with shiny toys but don’t question beyond this. We realise there is or might be a potential for harm, but ‘that happens to others, not us’.

And just like in parenting, it is impossible to know everything beforehand and there is no magic framework or formula to be a ‘good parent’, the same is true about digital. And while parents play a key role in the lives of children, so, too, does the community (or village) surrounding the family. Organisations don’t exist in a vacuum either, digital transformation brings organisations even deeper into an interconnected ecosystem.

Perhaps we can learn from parenting about how to live wisely in a digital world?

Photo by Benjamin Manley


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