What is done is done

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Reflection can be helpful to help us learn, to see patterns and trends. But it also can be paralysing. It has been quite the year again. Different than expected. This time last year, we were looking forward to the kids going back to school and my wife starting a new job. I can distinctly remember putting the kids to bed on a Monday night, school uniforms all picked out ready for the morning. Then the announcement came and chaos began again. But I also remember patterns of stress, anxiety, and behaviour. And throughout the year, amazing people and experiences of delight. And I’ve learned a lot this year about myself, others, and the world we live in.

But what is done is done. I am who I am today because of so many factors including this past year. And so are you. Reflection can help us see the change within us, our families, our teams and organisations. However, it does not mean we are static, have arrived, and now are fixed. Hopefully, reflection is a springboard to realising we change over time – both fast and slow. And because in reflecting we ‘see’ or remember the changes we have made, it helps us see we can be more intentional about it.

And so as this year ends and a new one begins, reflect on 2021, but also ask what are the habits you’d like to see in yourself at the end of 2022. Perhaps daily or weekly habits that you can start today. Pick 3 or 5 at most. Make them measurable. And begin. Life will continue to happen. There will be unexpected events – negative ones AND positive ones – but change will happen.

And some of that change is up to us.

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