Trust Point

by | Jan 7, 2022 | Change, Ideas |

trust point

Often we need a prompt to tell interesting stories. One way to do this is in person is to bring a pack of photos or postcards, spread them on a table asking participants to choose one and then explain why. In virtual meetings we can do the same by going to unsplash or google images and choosing a photo from there.

The first few people will likely tell a story about the photo, but as you go around there will be a moment where the photo no longer matters and people just tell stories. It works as people in groups need to feel an element of trust to tell stories by hearing others. There is a trust point in group introductions. When we reach it, we learn interesting things about others.

The prompts do not matter. They could be a bunch of objects. In many ways, the stories do not matter either. The exercise is about building trust so that when you talk about change, the stories keep flowing.

Perhaps it’s worth a try?

Photo by Jon Tyson


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