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by | Jan 15, 2022 | Learning, weekly reflections |


This has been strange week in the UK where we’ve learned the pandemic was managed through BYOB weekly wine parties because the laws they made were too hard for them to understand (but we’re fine with the general public being arrested over them). Even still we’ve managed to collate some learning and inspiration.

Article to Read

CIGI online is a fabulous resource of thinkers and this week did not disappoint. This is good article about web3 by Elizabeth M. Renieris.

Resource that came out

InterAction has put together an interesting, and much needed, resource about Disinformation targeting NGOs and the communities we work with.

Book to Savour

Jesus and John Wayne is a stunningly, spectacular book by Kristin Kobes Du Mez. She is a historian unpacking American Evangelicalism and Politics. Trump was not a surprise, but rather the fulfilment of their desires.


Meanwhile in Canada, a person buys 27,000 kgs of potatoes to help farmers and the homeless at the same time. I love stuff like this and wish to see more of it, helping people and reducing waste at the same time. Brilliant. Bring on more of it.

Photo by Cindy Liu


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