Lemonade Stand

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Change

lemonade stand

When buying lemonade from a young child’s lemonade, it’s more about the child than the lemonade. We want to celebrate and support the child’s actions more than the lemonade. And the lemonade can be replaced with anything – cookies, art work, craft, car wash, lawn mowing, and so on.

At one point, we switch from encouragement of the person to judgement of the product or service. It is often a perceived age thing (perceived because some kids look older than they are). Or it is about the thing being offered – many of us feel there can only be one Mary in a Nativity play.

At one point, we become ‘too old for that’. But do we?

What role does encouraging the person play in organisational change? Do we ever outgrow the need for encouragement? The need for the growth mindset?

Too often we more easily embrace cutthroat competition and struggle with encouragement and kindness. Perhaps it’s time to ask why?

Feast and Fables created the ‘encouragement manifesto’, perhaps you might enjoy it.

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