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Here’s a few things that inspired us, made us think, and sparked our curiousity this week.

Thinking about how we learn

The Spacing Effect – what are some of the implications of this for adult learning and organisational change processes?

What can we control, what are we responsible for?

Seth put out three posts culminating in this control / responsibility matrix – something to consider in our individual lives, but it also provokes many thoughts regarding change and people working as part of organisations.

Smartphone for Children

There are lots of challenges and opportunities when it comes to digital and mobile technology for children. This company attempts to address these challenges head on with a creation of a limited smartphone. An interesting approach!

Humanitarian Digital Ethics: A Foresight and Decolonial Governance Approach

The first two lines of the abstract had me hooked: “Just as rights are not static, neither is harm. The humanitarian system has always been critiqued as arguably colonial and patriarchal.” You may not agree with everything, but it will make you think. Read the whole paper here.

What inspired you this week?

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