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Sue Heatherington writes everyday like I do. We started the practice around the same time over three years ago. Recently, she posted a poem by Gideon Heugh which is a reminder most of us need daily. An encouragement to see yourself through a different lens. Perhaps a kinder (and truer?) lens. Read it slowly and multiple times.


You are a wild and gleeful thing,
nudged by lavish grace
towards all the astonishments,
and nothing can stop it
or you.

You are not a mistake.
The earth aches for your singular life,
for the miracle radiance
of purely, specifically

The shakings and the dark noises
of a man-made world
cannot compete with your hallelujah blood,
your hosanna spirit,
or with the gentle fury of hope.

Photo by Edu Lauton

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  1. Nirpa Dhami

    Very nice poem, keep posting, Amos.


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