Daffodils, Mall Cops, and Cyber Hacking

by | Feb 11, 2022 | ICT4D |


Our son loves wildlife – animals, plants, trees and everything in between. He is a walking wildlife encyclopaedia. However, as his enjoyment of sport grows, he realises damage can happen. All over our garden daffodils randomly grow. And some are showing themselves where he likes to play football. However, young daffodils stand no chance against a child’s feet. Therefore, he came up with a solution – signs.

Last night, across the garden he placed pieces of paper stating ‘Careful – Daffodils growing here’. The challenge he didn’t foresee is wind and rain (and how much our dog would eat them!). And now the remaining signs are soggy and mostly in one corner where no daffodils are. We’ll try again today.

Sometimes our approach to protecting vulnerable people in our communities is naive like our son’s pieces of paper. Good intentions, but lacking in permanence. Or simply a solution for the moment, in the immediate term, and just not aware of other factors. Nathaniel Raymond summed it up beautifully with this quote: “They have the resources of mall cops to protect against the cyber hacking equivalent of Delta Force.” And he wasn’t talking about daffodils.

Perhaps it’s time for a rethink?

Photo by Aaron Burden

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  1. Ashley D Inselman

    Love it! would have loved to see the image of the soggy signs as well.


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