The 100% and the 1%

by | Feb 19, 2022 | Change


100% can be easier than 95%. If we decide no more sugar and commit 100% then it’s a decision we no longer need to make. The same can work about going for a run, not hitting snooze etc. If we leave the decision to the moment, we are unlikely to be consistent because, well, the resistance is strong.

However, at the same time, 1% works too. If we improve on yesterday by 1% each day, then after a year, we’ll be 37 times better than today.

So what is it – 100% or 1%?

It can be helpful to think about the 100% decision as an identity decision. ‘I am a runner.’ ‘I do not hit snooze.’ It is also about consistency. This is what I do or who I am. And the 1% is about improvement. We can be a ‘runner’ and get better each day.

And often we need to commit before we can improve.

What are you committing to today?

Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle


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