On Being Ignorant

by | Feb 22, 2022 | Change, Learning


We are all ignorant. This makes most of feel uncomfortable. And yet it is true. We are all ignorant. In some areas, just not the same areas (thankfully).

Sometimes we choose ignorance. Other times we don’t have a choice.

Embracing our ignorance is one the first steps in losing it, of learning, of growing. Too often we are not willing to admit our ignorance, to embrace it and we end up being a fool. We become the thing we didn’t want to be when we resisted admitting our ignorance.

We are afraid of being ignorant and yet we are. And whenever we embark on change, personal or organisational, it is crucial to embrace our ignorance so we can change. Perhaps it’s time to acknowledge (and embrace) our ignorance?

‘I don’t know’ might just be one of the most important phrases of the English language.

Photo by Michael Dziedzic


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