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Companies put guarantees on some of their products. This tends to indicate the product meets various quality and safety standards and regulations. Usually this means that if their product breaks or malfunctions, the company will fix it or replace it. In the services market, the guarantee tends to be something about outcomes being achieved / satisfaction or your money back.

Have you ever considered having a guarantee on your life? Or your digital transformation project?

Not a product or service type of guarantee, but a behavioural one? And maybe not for a lifetime, but for different periods of time. ‘I guarantee I will not be grumpy on this road trip’ or ‘I guarantee not to be late for this meeting’ or ‘I guarantee we will make people aware and check for understanding before we collect personal data’. The list could be anything.

And what happens when we don’t behave the way we said we would?

And now, where is that receipt? 🙂

Framing it as a guarantee sounds strange, weird even. But sometimes looking at things differently enables us to ‘see’ possibilities we didn’t before.

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