What happens if we get it wrong?

by | Mar 2, 2022 | ICT4D |


Collecting data, sharing data. Being hacked can seem like something obscure. Identity theft won’t happen to me, I’m not important. These are things from the movies, from the media, and from fear mongers. And yet, when it happens to us, it becomes very real, very fast.

So what can happen? What are some of the types of harms? Here are a few of the common harms that can come from data being used inappropriately or by ‘bad actors’.

  1. Physical harms – For example, death, serious bodily injury, forced movement, etc.
  2. Legal harms – For example, loss of privacy or other fundamental rights, profiling, active persecution, violence, forced movement, repression, etc.
  3. Economic harms – For example, loss of livelihood, loss of home, loss of other property, financial loss, etc.
  4. Psychological or emotional harms – For example, distress, depression, emotional instability, etc.
  5. Social harms – For example, reputational damage, etc.
  6. Other harms – Identify additional harms not mentioned above, this should include considering harms to individuals and groups

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